In July 2020, a collaborative group called the Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda formed with the support of the then-IAC as its backbone organisation. This original collaborative group formed as a group of nonprofit leaders committed to working collectively to improve the impact of nonprofits and champion their value in the community. The goal of the group was to foster nonprofit collaboration by building and strengthening nonprofit partnerships and increasing nonprofit sector and system awareness.

In 2023, the Nonprofit Alliance’s backbone organisation IAC, through its strategic planning consultative process, heard and recognized the opportunity for IAC and the Nonprofit Alliance group to establish greater alignment and synergy. The Nonprofit Alliance Advisory Committee was supportive, and after IAC’s membership also approved the change, IAC transitioned to become the Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda. This meant that the convening efforts of the broader group merged with the regular programme delivery efforts of the new organisation. The Food Security Working Group continues to operate as a collaborative group supported by the Nonprofit Alliance, while the ongoing promotion of the collective impact awareness campaign will now fall under the Nonprofit Alliance’s championing activities.

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Successes and Accomplishments 

The original collaborative group had many accomplishments during its 3 years of functioning. These include


Membership Upon Dissolution of Group

  1. Ann Spencer-Arscott, Executive Director, Red Cross
  2. Alba Fernandez, Bermuda Diabetes Association
  3. Branwen Smith-King,  Secretary General, Bermuda Olympic Association
  4. Clare Mello, Executive Director, The Eliza DoLittle Society
  5. Dr. Claudette Fleming, Age Concern Bermuda
  6. Cyril Butterfield, Founder, Peak Potential Bermuda
  7. Danielle Frith, Community Engagement Coordinator, Endeavor Community Sailing
  8. Danielle Riviere,  CEO, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce
  9. David Thompson, Representative, Christ Church Warwick
  10. Denise Carey, Executive Director, home
  11. Dora Baker, Director, Adventist Community Services
  12. Gita Blakeney-Saltus, Executive Director, Pathways Bermuda
  13. Gwendolyn Creary, Owner, ParentGuide Bermuda
  14. Jennifer Burland-Adams, CEO, Wavecrest
  15. Joseph Mahoney, Executive Director, Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative
  16. Juanae Crockwell, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Centre
  17. Karen Simmons, Programme Director, Duke of Edinburgh Award
  18. Katie Bennett, Advancement Officer, National Museum of Bermuda
  19. Katie Berry, Nonprofit Professional
  20. Leslie Grant, Executive Director, Focus Counselling Services
  21. Mary Ewles, Executive Director, Open Airways
  22. Dr. Nicola Paugh, Executive Director, IAC
  23. Patrina O’Connor-Paynter Managing Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda
  24. Dr. Sandy DeSilva, Executive Director, Family Center
  25. Sarah Dunstan, IAC Board Member
  26. Stacey Lee Williams, Executive Director, Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda
  27. Tina Harris, Executive Director, The Reading Clinic
  28. Tina Nash, Executive Director, WindReach
  29. Dr. Tiffanne Thomas, Executive Director, Transitional Community Services
  30. Tiffany Paynter, Executive Director, OUTBermuda
  31. Traci Burgess, Executive Director, Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB)
  32. Truell Landy, Executive Director, PRIDE Bermuda


Original Values for Working Together as a Collective

  • Integrity

We value the importance of clarity of communication; we say what we mean, we mean what we say and we honour our word.  We build on a foundation of mutual respect amongst the group, as well as respect for our stakeholders and service beneficiaries.  We ensure confidentiality at all levels.  We commit to taking action that aligns with our values.

  • Inclusivity and Diversity

We value the voices of all Bermudians and residents of Bermuda.  We ensure that equitable representation across our diverse population drives our processes and decision making.

  • Open-mindedness

We strive to create a safe space where all contributors and stakeholders are respected.  All opinions, thoughts, ideas and questions are valid, and are considered in a thoughtful and intentional fashion.  We listen carefully in a non-judgmental fashion and we explore all ideas in a flexible, solutions-oriented manner.

  • Shared responsibility

We commit individually to following through on tasks for which we take responsibility.  We commit collectively to holding ourselves and one another accountable for our collaborative efforts and for our individual tasks.

  • Commitment to the value of the sector

The value of our entire sector, and all the organisations represented therein, is at the heart of our activities and our efforts.  No one individual’s self-interest, or the specific interests of any one organisation will be given precedence over that of any other.  Our work is on behalf of, and in the best interests of, the non-profit sector in its entirety.