Nonprofit Alliance Awareness Campaign was a collective effort by the original Nonprofit Alliance collaborative to own the narrative of nonprofits and substantially advance the understanding of the community about the value and impact of non-profits as a sector. A subgroup of the collective group working together between 2020 and 2023 to design ang launch a campaign to build awareness and encourage nonprofit engagement and support. In 2021 nonprofits were asked to complete a survey to gather data on common outputs and outcomes. 52 nonprofits responded. This data formed the basis of the campaign. Subsequently, the campaign was rolled out on social media, radio, and television. It featured collective statistics as well 6 animations to illustrate the ranging impact of the nonprofit sector.

Initial Campaign Outcomes

  • Encouraged Nonprofit Engagement and Participation
    • 55% of Bermuda Omnibus Respondents who saw campaign were motivated to engage with local nonprofits by seeking services, volunteering or donating.
    • Broader-population impact of 2,093 people who were more motivated to engage with nonprofits
  • Improved awareness of Nonprofit Impact
    • 69% of Bermuda Omnibus Respondents who saw campaign had improved awareness of nonprofit impact
    • Broader-population impact of 2,616 people who had improved awareness of nonprofit impact

Campaign Animations

Introducing Damien

Introducing Naomi

Introducing Jonah

Introducing Marilyn

Introducing Craig

Introducing Alyssa