Dr. Nicola Paugh, Executive Director

Nicola is responsible for leading the organisation and driving its capacity building initiatives which strengthen Bermuda’s social sector. Nicola has 14 years experience in the social sector. She joined the Nonprofit Alliance in September 2019, after serving as a Member of the Executive Committee since 2017 and of the Advocacy Subcommittee since 2013. Prior to joining the Nonprofit Alliance , Nicola worked in public, private and non-profit sectors. She has a doctorate in Public Policy and Administration, with a research focus on the role of personal development in maximizing social and human service provision. Nicola is a certified executive coach, mediator and facilitator. She has served on a number of committee and Boards, including the Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Committee and the Government of Bermuda’s Interagency Gang Community Response (IGCR) Committee. In 2011, Nicola was selected as one of 100 women honored by the Government of Bermuda’s “100 Women, 100 Visions” initiative.

Ms Pamela Amaral, Programme and Operations Coordinator

Pam is responsible for the administration of Nonprofit Alliance’s programmes and operations. With over 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, 30 years of customer service experience, and ten years working in Bermuda’s non-profit sector, Pam brings an understanding of client needs and an attention to detail that is an asset to the Nonprofit Alliance team. Pam graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism from Niagara University, U.S., and is the proud mother of two. She enjoys volunteering at events, reading, and spends her down time exploring Bermuda’s trails and waters with her family and pet dog.

Dr. S. Glenn Faries, MD, FRCP(C), Nonprofit Strategy and Capacity Building Consultant

Glenn is a qualified pediatrician whose passion to help others through his career choices has led him all over the world.  He had a fulfilling career as an academic physician and physician educator at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Colorado Children’s Hospital, prior to coming home to Bermuda in 2012.  Since his return to the island, Glenn has been a leader in the social services sector as the Executive Director of two Bermuda Charities, until his retirement in 2021.  He has sat on several committees and boards, within and outside of the non-profit sector, and continues to serve on the Board of Directors of SCARS.  Since his retirement, Glenn has continued his involvement with non-profits, as a consultant for two registered Bermuda Charities, as well as holding an active position on the steering committee of the Bermuda Triple Challenge, an event that raises funds for six Bermuda charities each year.  

Dr. Claudette Fleming, Nonprofit Strategy and Capacity Building Consultant

Claudette holds a PhD in Diplomacy/the Political Economy; a Masters and an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work; in addition to a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with concentrations in gerontology and administration and; a Certificate in Ageing and the Life Course. Dr. Fleming has built extensive stakeholder relationships in Bermuda and abroad and has a long professional history among nonprofits, community and human services.  In 2022 Claudette was recognized internationally for her contributions to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, within the American College of Healthcare Administrators. Most recently she has become a Certified Strategic Implementation Professional providing her the opportunity to combine her decades of leadership and management experience with an advancing skillset to support, advise, train and coach a new generation of leaders. Before joining Nonprofit Alliance, Dr. Fleming retired as the Executive Director from Age Concern Bermuda in September 2022, where she served for over 22 years. 

Ms Shana Williams, Programme Evaluation and Reporting Consultant

Shana is responsible for developing Nonprofit Alliance’s programme evaluations and reporting as well as external communications. Shana joined Nonprofit Alliance in 2022 as Programme Manager, after a 16-year career in operations and change management. She has led several projects involving Robotic Process Automation, Workflow optimization, and core system restructuring. Shana has developed and facilitated training and focus groups for the corporate and social sector and finds her passion in sharing and learning from others. Shana joined the social services sector in 2020 and enjoys the rewards that come with giving of herself for the betterment of her community. She spends the majority of her time with her family and loves to cook, read and swim. She hold’s a Bachelor of Arts (honours) degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and is a proud Berkeleyite.  ~ Respice Finem