Our Focus

A strong and connected nonprofit sector builds a better Bermuda, but Bermuda’s nonprofits are tackling some of the most entrenched and challenging issues in our community while facing a constant constraint of limited resources and capabilities. This makes it difficult for them to invest in their people, processes, and programmes to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability. We strengthen and unify nonprofits by providing services, programmes and resources, while advocating for and being a champion of the nonprofit sector. We do this because we know with a strong and connected nonprofit sector, we can build a more just, equitable and thriving community in Bermuda.

Our Mission

To strengthen and unify nonprofits to meet the needs of Bermuda’s communities.

Our Vision

A just, equitable and thriving Bermuda with a strong and connected nonprofit sector.

Our Services: 4 C’s

  1. Capacity Building: Providing training and consulting services
  2. Collaboration: Facilitating collective work and relationship building
  3. Coordination: Offering access to information and resources
  4. Champion: Advocating for the sector

Our Values

Purpose: We strive for relevance, acting with intention and determination in all we do

Respect: We work to earn the trust of our community, and act with integrity, authenticity and transparency

Optimism: We approach our work boldly, confident that our people, our partners, and the sector can achieve a just and equitable Bermuda

Partnership: We work collaboratively and with humility, seeing ourselves as equals in our commitment to achieve change

Excellence: We are committed to the highest standards in our services, operations and relationships

Learning Organisation: We prioritize knowledge, innovation and growth in every facet of our culture and work

Key Documents