In 2022, Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda conducted a survey of nonprofit employment practices in Bermuda. The purpose was to provide much needed benchmarking information that:
1) provides nonprofit staff with information that allows them to better negotiate their compensation packages, and
2) helps nonprofit boards to develop their employment practices in alignment with industry standard practice, and
3) gives the nonprofit sector a better understanding of its workforce, including a snapshot of the sectors’ diversity, experience and qualifications

The project was sponsored by IAC and Narrative Research was contracted to complete the study. The 2022 Nonprofit Alliance Workforce Survey Results Report July 2022 Report presents the findings of the 2022 Workforce Survey. The focus of this research was to collect detailed workforce information from non-profit organisations operating in Bermuda. The data focuses on employment and retention, salary, benefits packages, pensions, and much more.

Feedback was collected in an online survey conducted between March 15th and April 25th, 2022. A total of 31 organisations completed the survey and it took participants an average of 50 minutes to complete. The survey link was distributed to organisations by NAOB. All those who completed the survey had the opportunity to opt in to a prize draw for a $100 spa voucher, as well as to opt in for a special sneak-peak presentation of the results.

Please note that this report serves to summarise the results for key areas of focus for this survey. While this summary report includes the bulk of the findings of this research, there are also supporting data tables which offer the ability to see question by question results including results broken down by key firmographics including: organisation size, gross revenue, sector, and the impact of the pandemic. A brief overview of interpreting the data tables is presented in the summary report.

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