The Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda is a body of nonprofit professionals committed to working collectively to improve the impact of nonprofits and champion their value in the community. The goal of the Alliance is to foster nonprofit collaboration by building and strengthening nonprofit partnerships and increasing nonprofit sector and system awareness that results in a more resilient nonprofit sector.

As NAB Members we adhere to the highest standards of ethics, conduct, and service to inspire public confidence and trust in the nonprofit sector. Our Code of Ethics sets forth principles that underlie the professional responsibilities and conduct of NAB members. These principles provide guidance on issues that NAB members may encounter in their professional work. These principles and their guidelines shall be adapted to the unique levels of authority and influence of each NAB member as they progress throughout their careers.

  2. Demonstrate Personal and Professional Integrity
  3. Promote and exhibit fairness and respect in all interactions with colleagues, volunteers, service recipients/clients, students, and other stakeholders. Exemplify competence, credibility, and appropriate conduct within the profession by avoiding the spread of misinformation (unintentional or intentional), as well as avoiding the perception of misconduct or abuse.
  4. Respect the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, and self-determination.
  • Build Public Trust through Transparency and Accountability
  • Commit to full disclosure of information and transparency, as appropriate, as well as cooperating with internal and external investigations (formal and press-related).
  • Act as a responsible steward of resources for the public good – cultivating, protecting, and expending assets in a legal and genuine manner.
  • Provide means for stakeholders to ask candid questions safely and receive sufficient responses to their questions, when appropriate.
  • Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Respect the worth and dignity of all individuals by assessing the needs and rights of all stakeholders impacted by institutional decisions.
  • Commit to programs and activities that are inclusive of all participants and stakeholders, focusing on the needs and experiences of disenfranchised or marginalized people.
  • Provide means for stakeholders to acknowledge the effects of bias, prejudice, and privilege in all work and community settings.
  • As a result of adhering to these principles and guidelines, it is the hope of the Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda that members will feel empowered to enhance the quality of life for all those they can reach within their respective fields of practice. It should be the goal of every NAB member to:
    • Develop optimal human potential in each encounter and activity.
      • Utilize professional knowledge to improve the lives of individuals, the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, and the well-being of society as a whole.
      • Initiate and engage in activities that empower individuals and/or communities to succeed.