Accelerating Nonprofits to Build a Better Bermuda

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A strong and connected nonprofit sector builds a better Bermuda. Donors want to invest in well-run nonprofit organisations, confident that their funds will have community impact.  

The PROPEL Programme is a nonprofit accelerator programme that helps nonprofits develop best practice standards, define long term strategy, and build mechanisms toward sustainable financial health. It gives nonprofits and their supporters the confidence of knowing they are maturing to better execute, scale and sustain their community impact. 

What PROPEL does for you, the nonprofit?

  1. Gives you a robust self-assessment of your organisation 
  2. Guides you in developing and aligning your Board on a 3-year strategy 
  3. Supports you in developing best practice policies and procedures 
  4. Gets you ready for the BNSC certification process  
  5. Improves your chances of meeting your fund development targets 
  6. Provides you with a dedicated and experienced nonprofit coach 
  7. Creates opportunities for you to build deeper connections with your nonprofit peers 

What PROPEL does for the nonprofit sector?

  1. Improves sector wide nonprofit standards of practice
  2. Strengthens the nonprofit sector’s ability to impact the community

How will we know?

  1. PROPEL participants will successfully become BNSC Certified or Accredited within two years of programme completion 
  2. PROPEL participants will advance in their lifecycle phase of development, demonstrating an increased ability to execute on their missions  or deciding to proactively and strategically wind-down 

*Not all organizations who participate in Readiness or Accelerator may find continuing operations to be in the best interest of the organization or the community. For those, the PROPEL programme includes support in developing the wind-down approach.

Programme Design

  1. PROPEL Readiness: A 1-year programme for nonprofits in a start-up or decline phase of development aiming to achieve stabilisation, build baseline best practices, and establish next steps, whether moving into PROPEL Accelerator programme readiness or strategically deciding to wind down). 
  2. PROPEL Accelerator: A 2-year programme for nonprofits in their adolescent or mature phase of development to strengthen organisational strategy, build best practices, and achieve readiness to demonstrate BSNC certification standards. 

PROPEL Information Packet

PROPEL Application Form