IAC Training RFP

IAC is developing a training plan as a part of its Compassionate Care initiative.  In our recent Compassionate Care research, IAC identified 9 domains for development to enhance the Compassionate Care of human service providers and helping organisations. IAC is looking to provide an introductory level of training across these domains.

We are looking for local professionals who have the knowledge, skills and training experience to provide an introductory level of training in any of the below areas.

Personal Best Practice in Compassionate Care

  • Emotional Intelligence  
  • Wellness and self care  
  • Assertiveness and conflict resolution 
  • Compassionate leadership

Technical Best Practice in Compassionate Care

  • Client centered practice 
  • Cultural sensitivity 
  • Trauma informed practice   
  • Restorative practice

Individuals are invited to submit a training proposal online by Monday September 14th

Please read the RFP details regarding the expected curriculum content and training outcomes for each domain prior to submitting a proposal. 

Read more on IAC’s Compassionate Care framework