IAC Supports Collaborative of 5 Hardship Support Service Providers

Five hardship support service providers in collaboration with the Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families (IAC) have joined to raise awareness of available support services for individuals experiencing unemployment, and increased financial hardship due to the current economic climate.  The agencies involved are Age Concern, Adventist Community Services, the Coalition for the Protection of Children, the Bermuda Diabetes Association, and the Salvation Army.


The group has released a listing of agencies providing hardship support in the areas of food, electricity, medication, and other basic needs: List of Confirmed Hardship Support Services. It includes agencies with documented intake, assessment, and data collection processes, as well as organisations providing prepared meals and meals-to-go. The list is similar to the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort’s List of Essential Services, but is focused specifically on hardship support and is intended to be a resource for individuals and families facing economic challenges.


The group has been in communication with the Department of Financial Assistance and the Bermuda Housing Corporation. The intent is to ensure those individuals who find themselves in times of hardship are aware of and registered with the relevant departments required to address their emerging needs. The group also reached out to the Fairmont Southampton and Pompano, offering to provide information and guidance to those made redundant. Accompanying this outreach, are wrap-around supports provided by these agencies, including at minimum triage, formal intakes, assessments, referrals, and in some cases, formal case management.


If you are an employer or organisation interested in learning more about the hardship support services that are available, please contact any of the agencies involved in the collaborative effort.