IAC Hosts CURB’s Critical Conversations about Race and Social Equity

IAC has opened registration for “Healing the Practitioner: Critical Conversations about Race and Social Equity” for social sector professionals. The programme launches on Thursday April 7th from 9am to 11:30am and runs weekly for 7 weeks for up to 12 professionals.

The 7 weekly sessions give social sector professionals a critical understanding of the root causes of social inequities and the often hidden historical truths that impact social service providers and their clients alike. Through guided facilitation participants explore the impact of historical racism and injustice and facilitates healing-centered discussions about difficult topics such a privilege, race and trauma. Ultimately, the experience provides self-healing and relationship building across our sector of helping professionals.

The collaboration between IAC and CURB launched in 2020. This will be the 3rd collaborative offering between the two organisations. A 2021 programme participant stated, “The course has certainly helped me understand in a more concrete way how past trauma effects individuals and communities We all carry our culture, social systems, and experiences with us….we all have biases, recognizing this is an important 1st step”.

CURB Co-Founder and Chairperson Lynne Winfield stated “Facilitating these workshops with social service providers was a learning experience for all involved, helping participants to more fully understand the root cause of the trauma, poverty and dysfunction they witnessed and aided in the community; and allowing participants to see how their organization’s different missions were firmly interconnected with other social agencies and recognize the importance of cross-collaboration ”. 

The cost of the training is $120 but is 80% subsidized for IAC members, thanks to the support of SiriusPoint. This course is intended for social sector professionals and registration is available online at www.nonprofitalliance.bm/events. Professionals interested in IAC membership can visit  www.nonprofitalliance.bm to learn more or email IAC Programme Manager Shana Williams at programmes@iac.bm.