First Bermuda Cohort Complete Healing Centered Engagement Certification

IAC celebrates 24 social sector professionals who recently completed a 12-week Healing Centered Engagement certification.  The certification included a 25-hour online curriculum and 3 live virtual trainings delivered by The Flourish Agenda facilitators. Participants included government, nonprofit and private sector human service professionals.


Dellwood Middle School Principal and acting Assistant Director of Student Services Tina Duke shared that the experience “was an eye-opener for me.  I was able to gain a better understanding of the people I work with and how social toxins can impact our lives and the lives of the students we work with. This course caused me to look within and focus on self so that I could better serve.  I now have understanding of how culture, identity, and race can promote healing and well-being for students as well as the educators that work with them. I look forward to utilizing the strategies learned in the course to foster better relationships at home and in the workplace.”


Healing Centered Engagement is an asset-based and culturally-rooted approach to healing and well-being for black youth and their adult allies.  It is a process that builds from trauma informed care and advances a holistic view of healing.  The certification was a component of IAC’s Compassionate Care initiative.  Compassionate Care strives to inspire and empower service providers and caring institutions to implement and sustain best practice standards of care that result in positive, nurturing, resilience-building and healing relationships with children, youth and families.


IAC will work with The Flourish Agenda to facilitate a 2nd cohort of the certification. The certification targets social sector professionals who support clients with exposure to trauma.  To register interest, please email