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Download Document31 Jan 2023Food Security ReportNarrative Research, Nonprofit Alliance of BermudaA report on food insecurity in Bermuda
Download Document11 May 2021State of the SectorWaveCrestPresentation of state of nonprofit sector based on data from 79 nonprofits.
Download Document01 Apr 20212021 Third Sector – Financial SnapshotBermuda FoundationSynopsis of the financial and annual reports submitted by registered charitable entities to the offices of the Registrar General as of November 2020. It includes information on the 291 organisations’ revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities.
Download Document15 Sep 2020Bermuda Adverse Childhood Experiences StudyBermuda Health Council, Family CentreAssessment of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) including frequencies, statistically significant ratios between adverse childhood experiences and health outcomes in adulthood, baseline national data trends and an evidence base for Bermuda-specific interventions and initiatives. The assessment aims to understand ACEs in Bermuda and its impact on overall health, social, and economic wellbeing and how to build resilience.
Download Document29 Jun 20202018-2020 Bermuda Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) StudyBermuda Health Council, Family CentreSummary graphic of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study.
Download Document20 May 2020Bermuda Covid-19 Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response
March 20 – May 20, 2020 Summary & Close-out
Third Sector, Age Concern, IAC, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Bermuda Health Council, Bermuda Community FoundationReport highlighting the work of the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort (CCRE), a rapid-response collaboration between funders and nonprofits aimed at ensuring resources were coordinated to meet the greatest needs during Phase I of the Disaster Relief Shelter-in-Place protocol.
Download Document2019“Who Does What
For Whom?”: An Initial Analysis of Bermuda’s Civil Society Landscape
Bermuda Civil Society ProjectThe second phase of the August 2010 report, “The Analysis of Social Service Agencies” which includes a tool to categorise the contributions of all registered charitable entities based on their publicised missions and key programme activities. The report aims to review the state of the sector and plan sustainable mechanisms for benchmarking and evaluating social impact.
Download Document23 Aug 2019Future State Report, August 23rd,2019Bermuda FirstBermudaFirst Phase II of the National Socio-Economic Plan, which provides specific recommendations for achieving a healthier future state for Bermuda. In order to successfully navigate the impact of global trends, the report contains recommendations on Education, Health Care and Talent/Immigration.
Download Document2018ACEs Preview to White PaperBermuda Health Council, Family Centre, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Mary ChildsVideo summary of Bermuda based Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study.
Download Document2018The draft Bermuda Plan: Review & Strategy ReportDepartment of Planning, Government of BermudaA review of The Bermuda Plan 2008, ten years after its adoption. The report reflects updated circumstances and land use issues based on a consideration of suggested amendments
to objectives, policies and zonings from the public, agents, stakeholders and other consultees as well as amendments required to reflect changing circumstances, Government priorities and projects, and new legislation. It assesses whether the Bermuda Plan 2008 has been successful in achieving its stated objectives and identifies where refinements are required.
Download Document29 Oct 2018Bermuda Tax Reform CommissionTax Reform CommissionReport on the options needed to modernize Bermuda’s tax system including proposals for the administrative aid needed to support the proposed new taxes and suggested reforms contained within the report.
Download Document01 Nov 2017Plan 2022: Bermuda’s Strategic Plan for Public School EducationBermuda Public SchoolsThe Department of Education’s strategy for public education, based on a public consultation process involving 3,000 participants. The strategy aligns with local needs and international best practice.
Download Document10 Jun 2017Bermuda Vital Signs Study 2017Bermuda Community FoundationReport on the quality of life in Bermuda, as determined by members of the community.
In addition to obtaining public input by means of an independent survey, Bermuda-specific reports on community issues were analysed with the objective of assisting donors and policy makers to direct efforts and resources where they are most needed.
Download Document18 Feb 2016Review of Bermuda Problem and Responsible Gambling PolicyBermuda Casino Gaming CommissionEvaluation of the Casino Gaming Act of 2014 as it relates to problem gambling. The report makes suggestions for responsible and problem gambling policy and recommendations for requirements for gambling operator codes of conduct.
Download Document2014Report on the Situation of Children in BermudaIACThe Assessment analyses the situation of children in Bermuda to inform future action through a National Children’s Agenda based on comprehensive evidence. The assessment identifies factors that need to be considered to improve child vulnerability.
Download Document01 Aug 2010Bermuda Civil Society Project: Analysis of Social Service AgenciesRoot CauseReport on the third sector in Bermuda, with a focus on social service agencies. Synthesizing existing research and conducting supplemental research; the report aims to increase understanding of the gaps and overlaps in services being provided to address social issues in Bermuda.
Download Document03 Nov 2009Continuing Bermuda’s
Economic Miracle
Bermuda FirstAnalysis by BermudaFirst (a public-private partnership dedicated to ensuring continued prosperity for all Bermudians) which outlines findings on the opportunities and challenges that Bermuda faced in 2009. With the objective of ensuring the continued prosperity of all Bermudians, the report surveyed 66 leaders from across sectors to identify important strengths of Bermuda and areas for improvement. The report includes 32 recommendations.