Applications Open for New PROPEL Nonprofit Accelerator Programme

The Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda is currently accepting applications for its new PROPEL Programme to support the development and scaling up of nonprofits. PROPEL is an intensive accelerator programme designed specifically for nonprofits. Applications are available at under the Capacity Building sector of the website and are due by 5pm on Monday, December 4th 2023.

 The PROPEL Programme includes two tracks: a Readiness track and an Accelerator track. This two track format allows nonprofits at differing stages of their lifecycle to participate in the track that best suits their needs. This type of locally designed and delivered capacity building programme is a first for Bermuda and gives nonprofits and their supporters the confidence of knowing they are maturing to better execute, scale sustainability and maximise their community impact.

Participation in the PROPEL programme will help nonprofits to develop best practice standards, define long term strategies, and build mechanisms toward sustainable financial health. Participants will benefit from an organisation assessment, training on the Bermuda National Standards Committee standards of excellence, executive coaching, and strategy development. The Lead Programme Coaches are Dr. Claudette Fleming and Dr. Glenn Faries, two of the Nonprofit Alliance Strategy and Capacity Building Consultants.

Nonprofit Alliance Executive Director Dr Nicola Paugh stated, “PROPEL’s design and launch is a huge milestone for us and for the nonprofit community. As a sector, nonprofits punch far above their weight in terms of what they provide with the resources they have, and there are nonprofits who need more support to develop into mature businesses that are best positioned to execute on their missions”

Please see the online information packet for more information. A recording of an information session is available on the Nonprofit Alliance You Tube page

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