A Holiday Message from the Nonprofit Alliance Team

Season’s Greetings to our Members and Stakeholders,

We would like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for the work you do to serve our community. The nonprofit sector is integral to the safety net and social fabric of Bermuda. Thank you for your service to Bermuda, and the nonprofit sector.

Thanks also to those who participated in our strategic planning process this year. We appreciate having your perspective as we made decisions about our future, an inclusive and participatory process was important to us.

As we close out 2023 and move into 2024, the Nonprofit Alliance team does so with added focus on being trustworthy, transparent, and inclusive. In alignment with this, we are excited to share the final part of our Strategic Planning process: the Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda Addendum to the 2023 2027 Strategic Plan

This includes 3 components:

  1. Our organisational dashboard: the targets our Board of Directors will hold us accountable to
  2. Our service scale up plan: what we aim to deliver over the next three and a half years, which we look forward to discussing with members in future breakfast convenings
  3. Our financial projections: the revenue we anticipate generating, and the donations we will require to deliver these plans to members at rates that are 50-100% subsidized

We know for some nonprofits and social sector partners the holiday season is a time of heightened demand, and for some clients a time of added stress. For others it might be time for an extended break or office closure period. We hope that however busy your work is in the month of December, that you find time to rest, relax, connect with family and friends or do whatever else is needed to “refill your cup”.  In alignment with this, our office will be closed from Friday December 22nd until Wednesday January 3rd. We thank you in advance for not expecting a response from our team during this period.

We end this year reflecting on our work and also on our mentor, colleague, and friend Martha Dismont. It is fitting to end our message with her words from a speech Martha gave at our 2019 AGM. In a vision for more compassionate care in Bermuda, Martha encouraged us all to seek our own wellness and balance for the sake of our sustainability in the field, “think about what you may need to do to give the world the best of you, rather than what is left of you”.  Take time over these holidays for yourself, so you can give 2024 the best of you!

We look forward to a productive 2024 with you all, our nonprofit colleagues and stakeholders, as we work to grow, develop and evolve as a sector. We believe in the potential of nonprofits, and we hope we can help to achieve it.

Pam, Shana, Glenn, Claudette and Nicola