Reimagining the Third Sector Advisory Work Group Creation

Reimagining the Third Sector Advisory Work Group Creation 

The Bank of Bermuda Foundation has asked IAC to assist in designing and facilitating a process that will allow nonprofits and charities to determine which agencies represent the sector on the Reimagining the Third Sector project’s Advisory Work Group. The purpose of the Reimagining the Third Sector project is to provide a thorough, independent needs assessment of the Third Sector and facilitate an RFP process that will allow those needs to be met.


The Advisory Work Group will be a group of approximately 20 stakeholders that includes representation from nonprofits and charities, government departments and ministries, for-profit donors and beneficiaries who will guide Stages 2 and 3 of the Reimagining the Third Sector Project.


The role of the Advisory Work Group will be to

  • Review and analyze the findings of theThird Sector Needs Assessment conducted by the consultant researchers Root Cause and Global Research (Phase 1 of the project currently underway)
  • Design, manage and facilitatean RFP process that responds to /addresses the needs identified, including the selection of applicants who can meet the identified needs
  • In conjunction with selected RFP applicant(s),develop an action plan that will manage the implementation of recommendations and agreed deliverables


The goal is to have a diverse group of 5-6 nonprofit representatives on the Advisory Work Group and for the process of identifying these representatives to be led by the nonprofits themselves, versus being donor-driven.


The expected length of commitment is a minimum of 1 year starting early 2021 and basic criteria for inclusion includes:

  • Willingness to attend regular work group meetings (schedule TBD)
  • Ability to complete additional background reading and other meeting prep work
  • Availability to participate in RFP candidate interviews
  • No anticipated conflicts of interest


If you would be interested in participating as a member of the Advisory Work Group, please click here to register your interest by Wednesday, November 5th. We will follow up with all who register interest.