IAC List of COVID 19 Resources

IAC List of Resources

During the COVID 19 Pandemic IAC will provide its members and key stakeholders with a curated list of relevant resources to assist in adapting and coping through these difficult times. We aim to circulate these resources weekly, however if needed, we will circulate updates more regularly to ensure the timeliness of the information. We hope you find these resources helpful. Thank you for the work you do to support our community. 


List of Essential Services

Access: List of Essential Service as well as Essential Food Services Chart 

Details: Attached is the most up to date list of essential services confirmed as operating by the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort. There is also a chart displaying food services available based on each day of the week. Please share this widely to ensure the community is aware of the services available to support them.

Mental Health Hotline

Access: call 543-1111 

Details: We know that this pandemic brings a host of new experiences, complications and stresses to many of us. There is a now a mental health hotline to assist our community’s emotional wellbeing as we negotiate the day-to-day challenges of managing this crisis. By dialing 543-1111, individuals will have access to qualified, experienced practitioners to talk to if they are feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed or stressed. This line is open from 9am to 9pm, 7 days per week. This hotline is available in addition to the existing COVID-19 444 Hotline, where you can continue to get advice on any number of general concerns.


EAP Wellness Wednesday Webinars: Effective Communication Skills

Access: Wellness Wednesday Flyer or email info@eap.bm

Details: On Wednesday April 22nd, EAP is hosting a webinar on effective communication skills. During this time of working from home, there is the potential for more miscommunication. Without face-to-face interaction, our tone or phrasing can either provide clarity or cause unintended conflict. Even in our home environments, we may be together more, but we may not know how to communicate in effective ways with one another. EAP host wellness webinars every Wednesday. 

Red Cross Radio Show

Access: Tune in to FM95 Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:45am

Details: For 1 month starting Monday April 20, Red Cross will be on FM95 speaking to and providing information directly to front-line workers and the community regarding psycho-social first aid.  This may be of interest to anyone who knows someone on the front-lines or is themselves on the front-lines.

Wavecrest Webinars

Access: email jennifer@wavecrest.bm for the next webinar

Details: Wavecrest is hosting a series of webinars to support non-profits during this challenging time. Contact Jennifer Burland Adams for more information.


Access:  Advanced Services Flyer or email contact@advanced.bm

Details: For a limited time, Advanced Services is offering free payment gateway integration for charities and non-profits. With the Internet being so important now, processing payments (donations, memberships, products, etc.) online may be useful. See the attached flyer for more information.


IAC Summary of Technology Platforms

Access: IAC Summary of Technology Platforms

Details: As service providers we must all consider how to shift to online services where possible. IAC has prepared a comparison of some of popular technology platforms to assist you in selecting between options.

Family Centre Self Care Workbook

Access: Self-Care Workbook 

Details: Self care is a priority for service providers, as we seek to balance the changing needs of our clients, our families and ourselves. Attached is a the Self-Care Workbook, created by Latoya Bridgewater, Senior Community Support Worker at Family Centre, with design support from Elizabeth Francis, Community Support Worker at Family Centre. 

IAC Members Virtual Coffee Break

Access: Members Invitation or email admin@iac.bm

Details: On Thursday April 23rd at 1pm, IAC is hosting a virtual coffee break to give IAC members an opportunity to connect and share with one-another what they are experiencing as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. This support is only available to IAC members. Contact nicola@iac.bm if you are interested in becoming a member.



Access: Download guide

Details: This guide published by the American Telehealth Association offers practice guidelines for video-based online mental health services. 


Access: Visit NADCP online 

Details: The National Association of Drug Court Professionals is a US association that has a range of e-learning opportunities relevant for service providers. Many of the topics are focused on drug treatment, however some have general relevance for any human service provider.


Access:  Visit Relias online

Details: Relias is US organization providing free, unlimited access to preparedness and prevention training resources for individuals and healthcare personnel worldwide. They have tele-health training, however it is basic in nature. This telehealth series covers the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications.

If you have a resource to share, please email admin@iac.bm.