14 Graduate from Introduction to Nonprofit Management Programme

Certificate Programme

IAC is excited to celebrate 14 graduates from the 2021 Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate programme.

The intensive training programme ran for 11 months involving weekly online learning and monthly live learning lab sessions. Graduates earned 2 accredited nonprofit management certificates: the Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy Certificate from Philanthropy University and the Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate from University of Wisconsin-Milkwaukee. Graduates were supported throughout the year by Learning Lab coaches Dr. Glenn Faries and Amanda Outerbridge.

Graduates include LeeAnn Simmons, with the Department of Education; Charlotte Andrews, with the Bermuda National Trust; Latisha Lister-Burgess, with EAP Bermuda; Ardleigh Young, with Friends of the Bermuda National Library; Althea Penny Saltus, with the Reading Clinic; Kerry Judd, with Bermuda First; Danielle Frith, with Endeavor Sailing; Pahn-ya Ratteray, with the Bermuda College; Shana Williams, with IAC; Laura West-Burt, with Action on Alzheimer’s; Pamela Amaral, with BIOS; Lauren Yelle-Simmons, with the Bermuda Sloop Foundation; Katie Berry with KBB, and Coral Wells, with Connectech Coding.

The Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate is an introductory level programme that introduces learners to key current management issues for non-profit organizations. It is the first level in the Nonprofit Leadership Development Programme (NPLD) and is sponsored by the Bermuda Foundation. The NPLD aims to strengthen and unify Third Sector leaders by providing a leadership development continuum for non-profit professionals interested in advancing their careers as nonprofit leaders, and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and ability to manage and sustain a successful nonprofit organization. The cohort model enables participants to discuss and process the materials together, while making the programme affordable and accessible to all.

The 2022 Cohort of 13 new candidates started the programme on February 1st. Individuals interested in future cohorts can email IAC Programme Manager Shana Williams at programmes@iac.bm to register their interest.