IAC Renames as Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda to Expand Nonprofit Impact

IAC has announced a new name, mission and focus. IAC will now be called the Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda, a change that helps to better capture and communicate its efforts to strengthen, unify and champion Bermuda’s nonprofit sector. A launch event hosted at Chubb Bermuda on September 25th was attended by over 100 nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, and community changemakers, including Min... Read more

IAC Expands To Grow Nonprofit Strategy Capacity Building Consultancy

The Inter Agency Committee for Children, Families and the Community (IAC) is thrilled to announce the addition of subcontractors Dr. Claudette Fleming and Dr. S. Glenn Faries, MD, FRCP(C) to its team. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Faries bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and passion to IAC, and will help to drive the organization's growth in the areas of nonprofit strategy and capacity bu... Read more

IAC Programme Coordinator Job Opportunity

Bermuda’s social sector addresses complex social challenges and community needs. These agencies require support and resources to build and sustain an effective sector that helps those who need it most.  IAC assists the social sector by providing training and leadership development and facilitating agencies in collaborating, coordinating, and advocating to better meet community needs. IAC is hi... Read more

IAC Development and Communications Contractor Role

Bermuda’s social sector comforts, supports and uplifts our community. It includes the nonprofits and social programmes and services that ensure equitable opportunity, lifelong success, and quality of life for all Bermuda residents. IAC is Bermuda’s only nonprofit focused specifically on social sector capacity building to help organisations adapt, innovate and align to meet community needs. IA... Read more

Nonprofit Community Emphasizes Ethical Fundraising Practice

The nonprofit community was disappointed by the Royal Gazette's March 22nd article and headline implying local nonprofits' affiliation to unethical practices associated with President Putin.  The article had no factual substance but presented a damaging headline that inaccurately portrayed the sector as complicit in money laundering and could lead to the impression of poor fundraising and finan... Read more

IAC Hosts CURB’s Critical Conversations about Race and Social Equity

IAC has opened registration for “Healing the Practitioner: Critical Conversations about Race and Social Equity” for social sector professionals. The programme launches on Thursday April 7th from 9am to 11:30am and runs weekly for 7 weeks for up to 12 professionals. The 7 weekly sessions give social sector professionals a critical understanding of the root causes of social inequities and th... Read more