Conference on trauma

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB) is delighted to be partnering with Family Centre (TFC) and the InterAgency Committee (IAC) to bring a 2-day conference (flyer attached) to Bermuda featuring internationally known presenters Dr. Kenneth Hardy & Dr. Christiana Awosan (bios attached). Having recently heard them speak at the groundbreaking ACEs Conference put on by TFC in October 2018, ... Read more

The Connection Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety Everyone Ignores

Chronic stress and trauma lead to various mental disorders, one of which is anxiety. However, many people overlook the serious negative effects of mental abuse, but it is actually on the same level of harmfulness as physical abuse. People can suffer a lot due to being yelled at, insulted, and disrespected. Scientists explain that cyberbullying and real-life verbal abuse are seriously dange... Read more